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Nintendo hat Wort gehalten und nun ein großes Update zum Switch-Exklusivtitel ARMS veröffentlicht. Wir verraten euch hier, was sich alles geändert hat.

Nintendo hat gestern die Version 2.0.0 des Arena-Actionspiels ARMS veröffentlicht. Das Update bringt den neuen Charakter Max Brass ebenso, wie den unlängst vorgestellten neuen Versus-Modus "Hedlok Scramble". Außerdem gibt es diverse Balancing-Änderungen, wir ihr dem nun veröffentlichten, kompletten Patch-Log entnehmen könnt.

Die Neuerungen im Überblick:

Arms Update Version 2.0.0

New Content

Arms League Commissioner Max Brass added as a playable character with the following:

  • New Arm Nade
  • New Arm Roaster
  • New Arm Kablammer
  • New stage Sky Arena

New versus mode Hedlok Scramble

  • Punch or touch the capsule containing the Hedlok mask to become Hedlok for a period of time
  • This can be selected in Versus, Friend, or Local and it will also appear in Party Match

Title Menu

  • Stats added to the Top Menu: Check stats such as your most used fighter, best stage, and Arm accuracy.
  • Events added to the Top Menu: Here you can set whether or not you want to join official online events.


  • Snake Park has been swapped out for Sky Arena in the Ranked Match stage roster.
  • Raised highest rank in Ranked Match to 20.
  • Increased the penalty for disconnecting during Ranked Match play.
  • Shortened the amount of time necessary for the following Arms to return after being extended, making them easier to use: Megaton, Megawatt, Revolver, Retorcher, Boomerang
  • Increased movement speed of the Guardian.
  • Improved visibility during charge attacks for the Popper and Cracker.
  • Increased the amount of time necessary for the following Arms to return after being knocked down, increasing risk: Popper, Cracker, Hydra
  • Increased the amount of time it takes to recover when a grab is deflected with a single punch.
  • Decreased the amount of damage when the Hydra’s rush connects with multiple consecutive hits.
  • Decreased the distance Kid Cobra travels when jumping.


  • Fixed issue where in some instances Ribbon Girl could remain airborne for an overlong period of time while continually attacking.
  • Fixed issue where Ninjara would not destroy the light boxes on the Ribbon Ring stage when getting up.
  • Fixed issue where the time necessary for the Triblast to return when deflected was shortened.
  • Fixed issue where Arms such as Blorb and Megaton would catch on the ground and fail to fire.
  • Fixed issue where explosive Arms would sometimes fail to explode when receiving an attack.
  • Fixed issue where the Slapamander would sometimes fail to hit Helix when he is extended.
  • In online play, fixed issue where the appearance or non-appearance of items could differ between devices.
  • In online play, fixed various issues with V-Ball including an issue where the ball would remain grounded and play would not proceed.
  • In online play, fixed an issue where sometimes Barq would continually defend against an opponents’ rush attack for a set period of time.
  • In online play, fixed issue where sometimes pillars in the Scrapyard would not be destructible.
ARMS - Max Brass Character Trailer
Mit Max Brass wird euch hier der erste DLC-Charakter zum Switch-Erfolgstitel ARMS in Aktion gezeigt.

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