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News - The Last of Us: Part I : Version für den PC - Naughty Dog bessert weiter nach

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Naughty Dog will den technisch gesehen recht katastrophalen Start der PC-Version von The Last of Us: Part I möglichst schnell vergessen machen und liefert nun schon das nächste Update nach. Wie verraten euch, was sich dieses Mal alles bessern soll!

Lausig war die PC-Fassung von The Last of Us: Part I gestartet, hatte diese doch mit etlichen Bugs, Abstürzen und Framerate-Problemen zu kämpfen. Naughty Dog schien das recht peinlich gewesen zu sein, denn in kurzen Abständen folgten diverse Hotfixes und auch schon größere Udpates - doch am Ende der Reise bis zum reibungslosen Spielvergnügen scheint man weiter noch nicht zu sein.

Jetzt wurde nämlich schon das nächste größere Update nachgeschoben, welche die PC-Fassung auf die Versionsnummer hievt. Enthalten sind allerhand Fehlerbehebungen und Optimierungen im visuellen sowie Audio-Bereich. Zudem gibt es auch die Behebung von UI-Problemen und diversen Glitches im Spielverlauf.

Insgesamt bringt es die Version auf annähernd 50 weitere Bugfixes der PC-Fassung, die damit immer runder wird. Im Übrigen empfiehlt Naughty Dog auf der offiziellen Webseite allen Nutzern von NVIDIA-Grafikkarten dringend, auf die aktuelle Treiber-Version 531.61 zu updaten.

Die Änderungen in Version im Überblick:

  • Added new Audio Compatibility options (Options > Audio > Compatibility)
    • Output Mode: Adjust which sounds are played through the OS spatial sound driver. Select different settings if you experience muffled, missing, or unusually quiet audio. If you are experiencing abnormally quiet music or dialogue during cutscenes, for example, try the Spatial mode instead of the Hybrid default.
    • Latency: Adjust the short period of delay between when a sound effect is requested and when it plays. Higher latency improves reliability of audio playback, especially on lower spec CPUs. Increase this value if you are experiencing pops, clicks, or distorted sound. Higher latencies also resolve issues with audio interfaces configured with large buffer sizes and some wireless headphones. Note: You must restart the game for this change to take effect.

  • Updated keyboard and mouse (KBM) controls to allow players to reassign arrow keys
  • Updated the 'Building Shaders %' user interface (UI) so progress is tracked more evenly
  • Restored audio in the End Credits that are accessed via the main game, Left Behind, or Extras Menu
  • Fixed a crash that may occur when opening a collectible in the backpack UI then attempting to restart or quit the game
  • Fixed a crash that may occur while sitting (for extended times) or entering into combat areas 
  • Fixed an issue where texture quality in-game appears lower then the targeted quality setting
  • Fixed an issue where the player's backpack UI could fail to render after altering Render Scale (Options > Display > Resolution Scaling > Scaling Mode > Render Scale)
  • Fixed an issue where an enemy NPC may T-pose if Joel performs a single input quickturn while holding said enemy
  • Fixed an issue where toggling player character's flashlight may cause the environment to visibly shift momentarily
  • Fixed an issue where using the flashlight in darker areas may make the lighting appear corrupted
  • Fixed an issue where lighting and fog may appear lower resolution on Ultra settings
  • Fixed an issue where VRAM usage UI did not properly update when lowering the display resolution
  • Fixed an issue where water reflections may appear corrupted or pixelated
  • Fixed an issue where the Quicktime Events UI prompts were not rendering on Minimum spec setups
  • Fixed an issue where rapidly moving left and right while aiming may cause unintended camera shifts
  • Fixed an issue where the Steam and Epic clients’ collectible tracking did not match the in-game collectible tracking, preventing achievements from unlocking
  • Fixed an issue where, if playing at a higher FPS, player animations may not play correctly
    [Photo Mode] Fixed an issue where the Screen Reader would not register KBM 'Move' and 'Rotate' inputs
  • [Photo Mode] Fixed an issue where the Performance stats' heads-up display (HUD) would still be visible after hiding the menu
  • [Lakeside Resort, Bus Depot] Increased active loading to reduce load times during gameplay
  • [Bill's Town] Fixed an issue where players may lose the ability to cancel their reload while hanging in Bill's trap
  • [Tommy's Dam] Fixed an issue where interacting with the Training Manual forces the player to pick up the El Diablo gun and locks camera movement
  • [The University] Fixed an issue where, after Joel kicks the door open, the melee prompt disappears while he struggles with an enemy NPC
  • [Lakeside Resort] Fixed an issue where a loading screen may display during combat
  • [Lakeside Resort] Fixed an issue where player is unable to melee with fists after the David boss fight
  • [Bus Depot] Fixed an issue where pieces of geometry would appear corrupted or explode
  • [New Game+] Fixed an issue where New Game+ mode would be ignored during chapter selection despite being the last loaded game

Left Behind Standalone

  • Restored audio in the final flashback cutscene with Ellie and Riley
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when turning on the generator while both Ellie and Joel have custom skins enabled
  • Fixed an issue in the mall where the banners above the collapsed Pixitek store visibly flicker after leaving the pet store
  • Fixed an issue where, after resizing the game to Windowed Mode, the Riley pendant would not maintain its aspect ratio while rotating


  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to use Screen Magnifier with KBM controls


  • [German] Updated the translation on the shaders UI
  • [Simplified/Traditional Chinese] Fixed an issue where glyphs would not render properly

Epic Games Store

  • Fixed an issue where the "Getting to Know You" achievement would not unlock during natural gameplay progression


  • Fixed an issue where spores in the world may appear corrupted or blocky

Steam Deck

  • Fixed an issue where the native UI overlapped the ‘Look’ prompt
  • Fixed an issue where the DualSense™ motion sensor function may not register the player shaking the camera to fix the flashlight when prompted
  • [Left Behind] Increased the size of the Arcade’s mini-game button user interface


  • Fixed an issue where toggling the player character's flashlight may cause the environment to appear corrupted momentarily if AMD FSR 2 was enabled


  • Fixed an issue where running the game on Ultra settings on Nvidia GPUs may cause graphical corruption or a crash during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that may occur when loading into a save on an Nvidia GPU
  • Fixed an issue where changing NVIDIA DLSS Super Resolution Sharpening settings had no effect
  • [Nvidia 3070 GPU] Increased level of detail of characters' hair to appear less choppy
      (Upon further investigation, this bug may still be present, and our team is working toward a fix for a future patch.)
The Last of Us: Part I - Launch-Trailer zum PC-Release

Hier könnt ihr euch den offiziellen Trailer anlässlich der Veröffentlichung der PC-Fassung von The Last of Us: Part I zu Gemüte führen.

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