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Patch - Iron Front: Liberation 1944 : Weitere Verbesserungen für die digitale Fassung

  • PC
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  • New: New and fixed sounds for all the weapons
  • New: Tiger 1 E (late version) added as a Christmass present.
  • Fixed: StuG 40 was not carrying infantry
  • Fixed: Errors of armor damage systems
  • Fixed: Errors with the mines
  • Fixed: Crews were undead if there was no infantry on map
  • Fixed: Maxim machine-gun fire rate.
  • Fixed: Infantry errors with equipment.
  • Fixed: Errors with Sdkfz 7
  • Fixed: Russians and germans were screaming pain on english
Dateiname: ifpatch_1.04-1.05_esd.exe
Dateigröße: 62 MB

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